Welcome to the MAGIC


     The Molecular Analysis and Genetic Improvement Center (MAGIC) was formed in 2012 by merging six molecular biology research groups (Plant Gene Engineering Center, Energy Plant Lab, Plant Nutrition Physiology Lab, Plant Pathology Lab, Plant Mineral Metabolism Lab, and Phytohormone Regulation Lab). Although each group has distinct research interests, a shared goal among the groups is to improve biotic and abiotic stress tolerance of crop plants for food, feed or fuel. In the years to come, MAGIC aims to expand with additional research groups that can complement existing research focuses.

招聘 New Recruitment

     分子生物分析及遗传改良中心将面向国内外公开招聘优秀研究人员(http://magic.scbg.cas.cn),应聘者应在自己的研究领域有突出的贡献,并愿意从模式植物转向重要经济作物研究。新聘初级研究人员加入现有的研究组,有博士后研究经历的高级研究人员可以申请中科院的“百人计划”,有较强研究背景并做出杰出贡献的高级研究人员可以申请广东省“领军人才”或中组部“千人计划”,感兴趣的研究人员可以通过E-mail直接联系中心主任 David Ow 博士(dow@scbg.ac.cn)。

     The Molecular Analysis & Genetic Improvement Center will expand the study of plant molecular sciences with two new positions (http://magic.scbg.cas.cn ) filled at junior or senior levels with qualified and motivated individuals. Candidates should have excelled in their area of research and a strong desire to transition from model systems to important crop species. Junior members may initially integrate into existing research groups for collaborative research. Researchers with sufficient postdoctoral experience may develop independent research under the Chinese Academy of Sciences hundred talent program. Senior researchers with established programs may be recruited into the provincial or national thousand talent program. Interested applicants may contact and/or send c.v. to Dr. David Ow, Chair, Search Committee dow@scbg.ac.cn.