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  About MAGIC

   Molecular Analysis and Genetic Improvement Center

The Molecular Analysis and Genetic Improvement Center (MAGIC) was formed in 2012 by merging eight molecular biology research groups (Plant Gene Engineering Center, Energy Plant Lab, Plant Nutrition Physiology Lab, Plant Pathology Lab, Plant Phytohormone Regulation Lab, Quality Improvement Lab and Cytoderm and Plant Resistance Lab,The Regulation of Plant Adaptivity Lab). The main research contents:Site-specific gene stacking;Resistance research of the energy plants;Molecular mechanism of rice nitrogen use efficiency and Rice breeding;Molecular resistance of rice Disease;Mechanism of Gibberellin Regulating Plant Growth and Adversity Stress,The function of key genes in soybean seed development;Epigenetic mechanisms of plant in response to environmental stresses and development;Plant cell wall and resistance research.In the years to come,MAGIC aims to expand the research team that can complement existing research focuses and to get better results,and strive to serve scientific research.

 Center Director 


Email: houxl@scbg.ac.cn

Tel: 8620-83986636

Research Groups:

Plant Gene Engineering Center

Principal InvestigatorDavid W. Ow                               Tel: 8620-37085863                      Email:dow@scbg.ac.cn

Energy Plant Lab

Principal InvestigatorWu,Guojiang                                Tel: 8620-37252703                      Email: wugj@scbg.ac.cn

Plant Nutrition Physiology Lab

Principal InvestigatorZhang,Mingyong                           Tel: 8620-37252891                      Email:zhangmy@scbg.ac.cn

Plant Phytohormone Regulation Lab

Principal InvestigatorHou,Xingliang                               Tel: 8620-83986636                      Email:houxl@scbg.ac.cn

Quality Improvement Lab

Principal InvestigatorDeng,Shulin                                   Tel: 8620-37092025                 Email:sldeng@scbg.ac.cn

Cytoderm and Plant Resistance Lab

Principal InvestigatorYang,Haibing                                 Tel: 8620-83986636                     Email:yanghb@scib.ac.cn

The Regulation of Plant Adaptivity Lab 

Principal InvestigatorChenchen                                       Tel: 8620-83986636                     Email:chenchen101@scbg.ac.cn











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