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Director of  Plant Nutrition Physiology Lab

Job Title


Highest Education



South China Botanical Garden, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xingke Road #723, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510650, China



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Academic Education & Work Career

Dr. Zhang (Mingyong Zhang),1985-1989 Chongqing Normal Colloge, Biology,BA;1989-1992 South China Institute of Botany, CAS, Botany, MS;1992-1997 South China Institute of Botany, CAS;1994-1997 South China Institute of Botany, CAS, Plant Physiology,PhD;1997-1998 Department of Botany, University of HongKong; Research assistant;1998-2000 South China Institute of Botany, CAS;2000-2002 CNRS6161, University of Poiters, France; Postdoc.2002-2003 South China Institute of Botany, CAS;2003-2005 Industrial and Technology Institute of Okayama, Japan; JSPS Postdoc. 2005- South China Botanical Garden, CAS.

Research Interest

Plant Physiology--molecular bases of high use efficiency for nutrients

Supported Projects





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  9.  Li YG§, Ouyang J§, Wang YY, Hu R, Xia KF, Duan J, Wang YQ, Tsay YF, Zhang MY*. Disruption of the rice nitrate transporter OsNPF2.2 hinders root-to-shoot nitrate transport and vascular development. Scientific Reports, 2015, 5: 9635. (IF2015=5.228) 
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