Phytohormone Regulation Lab  


Research 研究方向

   Phytohormones and their cross-talks play vital roles during various developmental processes and environmental challenges in plants. It is important to enhance the precise understanding of the mechanisms engaged by phytohormones in modulating plant growth and development. Furthermore, these findings would also provide potential methods for improving crop economical traits.

   Our works use Arabidopsis and rice as research materials and focus on the following projects:

1. As an important plant hormone, gibberellins (GAs) control many crucial aspects in plant life cycle including germination, stem elongation, flower development, defense response and stress response. We are interested in revealing the molecular mechanisms of GA signaling pathway and finally elucidate how GA functions in plants;

2. We would also like to investigate the molecular mechanisms of cross-talks between phytohormones and elucidate their roles in plant development and stress responses.

   植物激素及其相互作用在植物各个发育阶段和环境适应性中发挥着关键的作用。因此,深入探讨植物激素在调节植物生长和发育中的作用机制十分重要。 同时,这些发现也将为改善作物经济性状提供理论依据。我们以拟南芥和水稻作为研究对象,研究工作集中在以下几个方向: